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Digital Marketing Our Blog September 19, 2023

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in Digital Marketing

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Key Performance Indicators or KPIs are an important part of digital marketing as they help a business see the big picture and evaluate strategies in a better manner. KPIs are measured by data-driven insights that help guide digital marketing in Pakistan toward their goals and help them understand how effective their campaigns have been. In this article, we will be discussing what KPIs are and what are some KPI essentials that you should keep track of?

What are the KPIs in Digital Marketing?

KPIs are specific metrics that are used in digital marketing as they are used to measure the performance of marketing efforts as well as campaigns. They help businesses achieve specific goals and objectives they are working towards and they can vary from campaign to campaign of a particular brand.

What KPI Essentials You Should Focus On?

1.      Website Traffic

It is important that you are able to monitor website traffic and ensure that you are able to track the number of visitors that come to your website. This includes organic search, social media, as well as paid advertising. You can take the help of multiple different tools to ensure you are able to gather this data.

2.      Conversion Rate

Conversion rates can be highly effective in measuring how good your website or landing pages are, and how you can convert the website visitors into customers. Moroever, when there is a higher conversion rate it means that the marketing is effective and you will be able to attract more customers.

3.      Social Media Engagement

Social media engagement refers to the overall that is being done such as the likes, comments, shares and follows on the brand pages. The better the social media engagement is, the more it means that your audience likes your content and follows you for better informational insights.

4.      Cost Per Click (CPC)

Cost per click is an important metric to evaluate paid social media advertising campaigns. CPC includes measuring the cost of each click as well as calculating what the cost of each click is. This can help a brand determine the cost of acquiring a customer. During this, most businesses aim to keep their cost per click as low as possible.

KPIs are known to be the lifeline of successful digital marketing as through this businesses can ensure that they are able to improve and work on their strategies with time. If you’re looking for data-driven strategies and the best digital marketing in Pakistan and want to measure business performance, connect with us today at Kreative Sparks.

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