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Our Blog Social Media September 14, 2023

The Do’s and Don’ts of Hashtag Use on Social Media

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If you have been an avid social media user for the past few years, then you must be aware of hashtags and the crucial role that they play in engaging with an audience. In the digital marketing world, hashtags are used to create brand awareness as well as effectively engage customers. Here are some helpful insights that we have brought you along with basic do’s and don’ts for marketing your business while using the right hashtags.

# Do’s

1.   Use Hashtags Relevant To Niche

As niche hashtags are relevant to the audience you’re aiming at, it is important to ensure that they are relevant to the products and services you are offering. If you use an irrelevant hashtag people might come across your post but they most probably won’t be interested in engaging with it. For example, if you own a men’s clothing business in Karachi, you can use hashtags like #clothingstoreinkarachi or #mensclothinginkarachi.

2.   Come Up With Brand Hashtags

Choosing a brand hashtag can be a valuable part of your social media strategy as customers will associate it with your brand and loyal customers will follow the hashtag to build a community of loyal customers and followers. Make sure that the brand hashtags that you pick appear everywhere including the bio section on all social media platforms and the official website.

# Dont’s

1.  Avoid the Use of Too Many Hashtags

If a few hashtags are good, then it is not necessary that too many hashtags will be good for your social media platforms. If you end up using too many hashtags, then the excessive usage can be counted as spam. Only use hashtags that are specific to your brand as that will help with better reach.

2. Don’t Use Long or Complicated Hashtags

When you use hashtags that are too long or have complicated wordings, they can be hard to use for the brand as well and customers might find it hard to remember them. Aim for simple and easy-to-read hashtags for your brand for increased reach and discovery.

If you haven’t already started using hashtags for your brand presence and want greater exposure for your business, then we at Kreative Sparks can help you out with that. With the help of appropriate hashtags, we can help you expand your reach and traffic on social media.

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